“ . . .Of the OTs who have worked with (him) I’ve seen the most progress with your help. Thanks!”

“ . . .It is clear from your very thorough report that you have a genuine concern for her success.”

“My son, Jake is 7 years old with multiple diagnoses including Autism, Developmental Disabilities and Pica. We called Heather to help us with behaviors such as scratching, climbing and inappropriate sensory seeking activities. Within six months, Jake showed remarkable improvement with most behaviors reduced by 50%. Heather’s dedication to helping Jake was tempered by her understanding of the limitations of everyday life and she encouraged us to ‘just do your best’. I would highly recommend Heather Santesson to any family considering occupational therapy for their child.”

“Heather’s OT Services have really been a great success to my son and for us as well. Through her training and services we got to understand things like sensory diet, proprioception, defensiveness, modulation, etc. My son used to jump over tables, chairs, etc. It wasn’t until we used Raindance OT services that we understood what was happening internally to my son. The jumps have subsided. My son actually picks up the toothbrush and brushes his mouth. His blocking of ears also dropped greatly. She is such a pleasurable woman to work with. She readily helps with equipment and toys and materials to help with the OT needs of our child. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing OT services.”

“ . . .TJ is autistic. Heather worked with the school on OT skills that would help with calming and learning techniques. She also taught us and TJ how to use these techniques at home. When a new problem comes up, we usually can ask Heather how to correct it, if she doesn’t know she usually can direct us in the right direction. She is teaching TJ living skills so he can eventually live on his own. My son can really be a challenge but Heather has a way with challenged people and they learn. She has been a great catch for us and will be for you also.”

“ . . . . Heather has . . . . been an exemplary employee….. She is well qualified, patient, intelligent, and works in a manner that helps her customers focus on their goals to become more independent in many capacities. . . . She demonstrates a customer centered approach to her work while remaining both personable and energetic. . . . Has a strong record of her customers finding success in the areas of their choice.”

“Heather has a strong work ethic, which she demonstrates by being well-organized, dependable, and patient with her customers. She is sincere in her interest in seeing that her customers reach their goals and learn a level of independence previously unavailable to them. Heather continues to seek knowledge and understanding of her job . . . . by attending training sessions to learn new skills. . . . . “

“ . . . Due to Heather’s assistance and coaching, my daughter has advanced from needing weekly assistance (with living skills) to a monthly check-in. She also has grown in independence from needing help with transportation to using public transportation and managing her own shopping each week. Heather has been very perceptive in assessing (her) abilities and potential for growth. Her coaching has enabled (her) to become more independent and confident in her abilities while also retaining an appropriate amount of safety. . . . . Heather has a unique combination of skills, understanding and communication to develop a higher level of independence for (her). I am pleased to recommend Heather as a very capable coach for other customers that desire to grow in their level of independence.”

“(Heather is) . . .professional, patient and caring. (She) was able to boost my daughter’s self confidence in areas which originally would fall into the ‘no way’ category. ‘No way I could do that!’ (She) appreciates punctuality, a predictable routine and structure. Heather understands (her) needs and strives to cater to her needs. . . .I have been very impressed with Heather’s professionalism. (She) tells me that she never feels rushed and she never feels that Heather shows signs of impatience when she is being slow and indecisive. With great enthusiasm I highly recommend Heather Santesson.”

“(She) has proved to be a valuable employee and an excellent clinician. She works very well with our clients and she has the philosophy of helping consumers develop the skills to function effectively in their community. As a case manager, she has been very effective in helping consumers maintain stability in all areas of their lives.”

“Heather approached her position in a professional, creative manner. She is highly motivated and displays exceptional problem-solving ability.”

“ . . .She is an independent thinker and she demonstrates a commitment to helping others . . .Heather sees her commitments through and is willing to tackle challenging situations . . .Heather certainly has the ability to maximize her resources and maintain a flexible approach to whatever comes her way, an important skill in the competitive health care environment. . . .Flexible, committed and caring therapist committed to improving the lives of persons who have disabilities.”

“Her strong intellect, professionalism, compassion, optimism and maturity are very impressive. I strongly recommend her . . .Heather is bright, creative, open-minded and very reliable. When she made commitments, I knew things would get done effectively and in a timely fashion. She worked very well on her own or with a team. . . .Besides her many professional strengths, Heather is a good-natured, kind-hearted, very pleasant and calm person who explores new ways to maximize the health of people with disabilities and their families.”