Living Skills Assessments

The comprehensive living skills assessment takes 12-15 hours  over three days in a row and can take place in the family home, in the customer’s own apartment or in a residential hotel.  Living skills will be evaluated as to how many direct and indirect cues and physical assistance is needed to compete the task, as well as observations as to how well the individual is able to initiate and end the task, perform all functional steps of the task, sequence the steps appropriately and use good judgement and safety during the process.  Observations will be made as to hygiene, social skills and leisure skills and upkeep of personal space and common areas.  There will be a questionnaire or discussions regarding what they know about home and community safety, kitchen safety, housekeeping, social and leisure skills, money and transportation.  Participants will walk or take the bus to the grocery store and purchase ingredients to cook a meal.  Cleaning up the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom and other living areas, doing laundry, making a bed, riding public transportation, using money and using free time will be observed, as well.  I will also be asking parents to give input through a questionnaire as they have known the participant for years longer than I have and some things it will not not be possible for me to observe in three days.  After the evaluation process, I will write up a ten page evaluation report on my findings of strengths and limitations and my recommendations for skills training and for supports needed for independent living.

A Living Skills Assessment and limited time skills training are services that can be provided for adults through the brokerages.