Each Life Affects Another

If you are troubled by the behavior of someone you love, ask yourself if you are treating them with all the respect that you would give your best friend.  They don’t need to earn your respect.  You treat them with respect first and their behavior will automatically improve.  This is Positive Behavior Supports.  Support them to behave well.  Consider the poem below from Amanda Bradley.

Each Life Affects Another

We may not always realize that everything we do

Affects not only our lives but touches others, too.

A single happy smile can always brighten up the day

For anyone who happens to be passing by your way,

And a little bit of thoughtfulness that shows someone you care

Creates a ray of sunshine for both of you to share-

Yes, every time you offer someone a helping hand,

Every time you show a friend you care and understand,

Every time you have a kind and gentle word to give,

You help someone to find beauty in this precious life we live,

For happiness brings happiness, and loving ways bring love,

And giving is the treasure that contentment is made of.

Amanda Bradley

Burnout is common.  And, with this it becomes more and more difficult to be positive to support the ones we love.  Let behavior be communication to you that he or she is not feeling the love.  Take time to sit down, give your eye contact and your attention  and listen to what is important to them.  It may not be the most sophisticated or interesting topic to you but I promise that you will learn something.   Use positive voice tone, give them choices appropriate to their cognitive level, support their interests and self-esteem.  Treat them with all the respect that you would treat your best friend.  Watch how things change for the whole family.

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