Raindance Occupational Therapy provides in-home occupational therapy service to children and adults with intellectual, cognitive and developmental disabilities in the Portland, OR metro area. OTs (Occupational Therapists) help people with disabilities live more independent lives. This practice focuses on doing this through sensory processing evaluations, parent training, living skills assessments and skills training.

A Sensory Processing Evaluation will help determine the cause of the behaviors and difficulties with age appropriate activities of daily living. We specialize in working with people with severe behaviors associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders but enjoy working with people of all abilities. After the evaluation, the individual, parents and caregivers are trained in implementing therapeutic activities to calm and organize the nervous system. These are used ongoing as needed. As you cannot take a sensory clinic with you wherever you go, this can be a more practical approach to therapy in the natural environment.

A Living Skills Assessment will determine the strengths and limitations of an adult looking forward to a future of living independently. Recommendations for supports needed to live independently and for skills training are provided in the report. Limited time skills training is an option after the assessment and helps determine the way the individual learns best, helps them to start thinking for themselves and can support them on the way to learning more skills. A sensory processing evaluation may be recommended to help decrease behavior issues and increase functional performance needed to make living independently more realistic.